Harrogate charity Artizan launches appeal to restore shop roof

Join The Journey: Let's Save the Artizan International Shop Roof!

🌟 Preserving The Soul of Artisan Crafts! 🌟

by Elizabeth Cluderay, Artizan International UK Director in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

For the past 3 and a bit years we've been showcasing the incredible talents of our artisan producers from Peru and Ecuador through our Artizan International shop, providing an essential opportunity for them to support themselves through paid employment. Every purchase you have made has allowed you to join the journey to a more accessible society.

The Challenge: A Dampening Dilemma

As we continue to celebrate the work of our artisans, we face an unforeseen challenge. The roof of our Artizan International Shop is in urgent need of repair, leaking water into the building and damaging the products made by our artisans . The roof is in desperate need of a full strip and re-cover. Years of neglect from before our time have left the tiles in disrepair, allowing leaks to infiltrate various locations in the building. The risk of permanent damage looms large, threatening not only the structure but also the invaluable work we do with our members. Unwavering community support has been the driving force behind our success in Harrogate, fostering acceptance and bridging the gap between our diverse community members. Now, we turn to you once more to safeguard the heart of our shop and the transformative sessions it hosts.


Our Impact: Crafting a Difference in Harrogate

In our time on the high street, The Artizan International Shop has become a symbol of empowerment for our artisan producers. Through our unique "Artizan Organics" sessions, we've witnessed remarkable progress in skill development and community integration. The positive changes we've seen in our members' lives are a testament to the success of our approach, making a lasting impact on Harrogate. These sessions take place in our studio above the shop, and here too water is leaking into the building, creating a damp environment for our members and permanently damaging the otherwise beautiful environment we’ve created for them.

How You Can Help: Repairing Our Shelter of Creativity

With grant funding becoming scarcer and unavailable for this type of urgent repair, we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to preserve the future of the Artizan International Shop. Your support will directly contribute to repairing our leaky roof, ensuring that our shop and Artizan Organics studio above it, remain a vibrant space for artistic expression and community building, as well as a vital outlet for the work of our differently-abled artisans overseas, for whom it literally provides a lifeline.

Together, let's continue making a difference in the lives of our artisan producers and the community at large. Your contribution, regardless of its size, will play a crucial role in securing our roof and, more importantly, securing the future for those we proudly represent.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for helping us weather this challenge together! πŸŒˆπŸ πŸ›οΈ


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