Our products are all made by highly skilled, differently-able artisans in Ecuador and the UK.

Everyone we’re involved with is on a journey of transformation. For our artisans overseas, it's a journey of empowerment - from despair to hope, from poverty to prosperity & from derision to respect. For our differently able participants in the UK, it's a journey from invisible to visible, from isolation to community & from the margins to the centre. 

For all the communities we touch, it's a journey towards a more inclusive society, where everyone is welcomed, respected, & valued as creative members of an inspiring whole.

Meet the Artisans

​​​Enjoy our 5-minute film about our project in Ecuador, which encapsulates the spirit of what we do ​& why it matters.

Artizan International is a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers (BAFTS)​& abides by all 10 of the World Fair Trade Organisation's principles of fair trade: